Nick Cage, in what must have been a court ordered role, portrays Rayford Steele in an apocalyptic movie so bad it will make you wish for the Rapture.

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Nick Cage is best known for his over-the-top and unrealistic acting. Usually you can tell a movie with his face on the cover will be a schlock-fest. Entertaining, fun and crazy, but not serious. There is a certain amount of appeal to that.

Is this what we get with this movie? NOPE!

Nick Cage is going through tough-times. For some reason he didn't pay his taxes and now owes the IRS millions of dollars. What is the result of this? He now accepts every role that gets dropped at his door-step.

This movie is clearly one of those "do it or go to jail" type roles. He sucks, he phones it in, he doesn't try and he looks like he is half asleep the whole time.