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About Us

Armoured Media was never supposed to exist. When his exploits began on YouTube, Skeptic's vision was simply to get some things off his chest, and maybe make fun of an idiot or two in his spare-time. Somehow, his fan-base exploded!

In just over a year he reached 100,000 subscribers (watch the celebration Google Hangout). During that time he had to figure out who he was, what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. This website is the result.

Skeptic has now dedicated his life to making us laugh, making us think and entertaining us through several styles of video and blog. He is dedicated to his fans and spends a lot of time communicating with them on Twitter and Facebook .

If you want to ask him a question directly head over to his Ask.Fm page.

Yes, he is a Skeptic. He loves to debunk bad science and bad philosophy along with bad ideologies. But Skeptic is also an artist, musician and a film maker who loves to critique movies. Although he began with debunking creationists in 2014, that is not his sole focus. is filled with other gems like Podcast-style videos, movie reviews, movie critiques and videos made by friends. There are blogs with fun and serious topics and displays of some of his art and photography.

Skeptic is no political activist, he does not belong to any movements or groups. Skeptic merely likes to share my opinions on those who do. Skepticism is not about promoting ideas, it's about putting ideas to the test. The only good ideas are the ideas that can survive skepticism. Skeptic is not a conservative. The reason he is so hard on the left is because he's a member of the left. He likes to make fun of the right and creationists, but he takes his skepticism of the left very seriously. Skeptic is not Anti-Religion, Anti-Feminist or an Anti-SJW, he is Anti-Authoritarian. It just so happens that religious people and feminists tend to be authoritarian.

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